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First, I would like to thank you for visiting my website. I hate doing bio's, so I am just going to write about the programs I use and what I've learned in the process. I tend to be very opionated, but will refrain from pulling out my soapbox for the most part.

3D animation is mostly a hobby for me. In the real world, I am a production manager in the construction industry. I am in my mid forties, married and have a dog. My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80. I have a degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Mechanical Engineering (1986).

Normally, I worked with CAD creating mechanical drawings. When AutoCad introduced material texturing in the early 90's, I was very intrigued. Although CAD's abilities were limited in this area, I could see the possibilities of applying this technology to 3D sculpture. When TrueSpace for Win3.1 came out with UV mapping in '95 I quickly bought it. And was quickly disappointed. It was very difficult to create anything with TrueSpace. Later Blender and Metasequia Beta were released and I was finally able to create complex mesh models.

First works using
the Metasequia to
TrueSpace then
to Blender and
finally to Animator
process (1999).

I would create the meshes in Metasequia and import them to TrueSpace for texturing. Then import them into Blender for rigging. Working with Blender was a nightmare and was constantly having to update plugins that only worked half the time. Eventually Anim8tor came out and I could do the rigging there, but it took a looong time.

->  ->  -> 

I bought Poser 4 in 2000 but found the models to be ungainly and pretty ugly. The models I created looked far better. Even after spending over $600 in add-ons, I eventually uninstalled Poser and went back to Metasequia. I figured after a few years of development, Poser would be a good program. With the introduction of Vicky 1 and 2, things started looking up. But my focus had turned to webpage design during the dot com craze.

The industry went through a lot of changes in that next few years. I was building my own computers since the beginning and was writing much of my own software in C and Basic. Through those times, I developed a serious resentment (maybe hatred is a better word) toward Micro$oft. To this day I will continue to use my free copy of Win98se. Call me old fashioned but I refuse to buy WinXP and give Gate$ any of my money. Apple/Mac never appealed to me and Linux seems to still be in the development stage.

Needless to say, Daz|Studio 2 won't run on my computer. I have now been using Daz Studio (V1.0) since March 2008 and really enjoying it.

If you have questions or comments, please use the online Feedback form.

Thanks for reading.

3D Programs Currently Used
version 2.4
This 3D modeling program by Japanese author Osamu Mizuno is easy to use and great for creating meshes. There is a shareware English version but does not export .obj files unless registered.
version 1.0
Used for posing mostly. I would love to get my hands on the 1.4 version.
Tool Box II
version 2.1
Primary posing and rigging program. From Greenbriar Studios.
version 4
For posing and rigging.
version 5
Render touch up and for creating textures. I also used this paint program to make all the graphics on this site.
Version 9.1
Quick humanoid mesh forms. Although version 9.1 was a rushed beta, it's still useful for creating a large variety of people. I am looking forward to the next version which should be out soon.
version 2
Now mostly used only to create AVI clips.

Progress Updates
date subject / entry
09/03/2008 Tool Box II
After using Greenbriar's Tool Box Demo program for about a month I decided to buy it. I can now create more complex props, characters and clothing... as soon I learn how to use it correctly. I am not yet sure if it's worth the $99. I'll read the pdf manual/tutorial again and see if I can get decent stuff out of it. I will work on a few of my multi-stage props over the next week and let you all know.
08/30/2008 New Models Added to Free Stuff page
I was working on a mall scene in Daz and was thinking about what I might find a woman carrying. Trying not to sterotype anyone, I put togather two props. I added a womans Handbag and a paper type Shopping Bag prop. The texturing work I think came out pretty good.
08/24/2008 Erotic & Sensual webpage update
Complete revamp of the Read Me files including an index.
08/22/2008 New Models Added to Free Stuff page
It's the week of the Olympics and I enjoy watching the women's gymnastics competitions. I saw a render contest for something to do about the Olympic games and realized an important prop wasn't available (though I didn't look very hard). So I set down Thursday night and created an accurate Balance Beam prop for Daz and Poser. In order to get the regulation beam height correct, I also needed some kind of measuring guide. A Height Guide has been added to the Free Stuff page. It is an accurate measuring guide for D|S and Poser.
08/15/2008 Upgrades
I finally broke down and bought the Victoria 3 head and body morph pack. I will start practicing with lighting and camera angles. When I get that worked out, I'll be able to produce some really nice works.
04/04/2008 Erotic & Sensual webpage created

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