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I took classes at a local community college to earn a degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Mechanical Engineering in the mid 80's. The computer course was the first of is kind and still a new concept. Anyone remember the 10 inch floppy disks and analog shuttle pad?

I bought Poser 4 in 2000 but found the models to be ungainly and pretty ugly. The models I created looked far better. Even after spending over $600 in add-ons, I eventually uninstalled Poser and went back to Metasequia. I figured after a few years of development, Poser would be a good program. With the introduction of Vicky 1 and 2, things started looking up. But my focus had turned to webpage design during the dot com craze.

I started making webpages using FrontPage and OpenOffice. I would create low-poly models in TrueSpace for a 3D web interface called Flatland Rover. I could see a lot of potential for a 3D website where you could maneuver around in a virtual environment. However, it never did catch on, but it whet my appetite to do more with animation.

I used the program MakeHuman to create people, but still lacked the ability to rig them. The big break-through, for me, was when Daz|Studio came out. But real life had me very busy and it would be several years before I was able to work with 3D again.

My first major project was the '78 Cobra Motorhome and took me four months to create. I used the real vehicle as a guide, measuring and photographing every inch. I took great care to make the model as accurate and realistic as possible. To my surprise, the RV was well received and I began making expansion packs for it.

By this time, I started losing my enthusiasm in creating models. Not so much as being burnt out, but just watching the unsettling changes that were happening in the 3D community. One content brokerage made policy changes, to no longer allow off-site linking for freebies. It was a disaster for the hobbyist and the 3D community in general.

The one thing that allowed this 3D community to flourish was the people willing to create and share their work with others. When the leading brokerage followed suit a few years later, I was done creating new products. I wrapped up several of the projects I had began earlier and sadly walked away from the hobby side of the industry.

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