Introduction to 3D Artwork

  If you always wanted to create your own gaming artwork, there is easy to use software available to let you do just that. The software listed below use premade content which is available from a variety of sites (see links below). There are many sites that offer 3D models, many with free content to create images. PayPal is the most common way to pay for the content you want.

  Popular base figures are, Victoria, Micheal, Aiko, Stephanie and David are only available at Daz3D. Sydney and Simon are available from Smith-Micro at Content Paradise. These figures work equally well in both Daz|Studio and Poser. Some newer figures only work in their respective software, for example, Genesis for Daz|Studio 4.0+ and Miki4 for Poser 10+. These new figures use a recent technology called weight-mapping.

  All the fantasy artwork on this site was created with Daz|Studio. In addition to creating stunning imagery, you can also create animations in AVI fromat.

AVA animation created in Daz|Studio >

3D Software

Daz Studio

DAZ Studio 4
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Krown Products Ltd. highly recommends Daz|Studio as a great 3D creation software suite for beginner and intermediate artists. However, we vigoruosly suggest that you NOT purchase 3D content from this companies online store (except for the base figure models*). Years of unsavory business practices, including market and price manipulation, has made it toxic to the industry and users. Be aware that the new versions of the Daz|Studio (4.5+) software uses cloud servers to issue liceneses for their marketplace content, but there are plenty of good content providers available elsewhere (see links below). If you would prefer not to have your content/software locked up in the netherwebs, download a free, stable copy of Daz|Studio version 3.1a here, which does not use cloud content, but is no longer supported by Daz3D.

Poser Pro

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Smith Micro Software

Poser from Smith Micro ranges in price from $199 for the base product upto $499 for the Professional. Software can be purchased through their sister webstore, Content Paradise, or directly from the Smith-Micro website. Although this product is capable of producing incredible artwork, it is not a good choice for beginners as the controls are clunky and has a huge learning curve.

Carrara 3D Express

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Carrara 7 Pro and Carrara 8 by Daz3D. Terrain, landscaping, animations and model construction software. Limited support and documentation.

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