The AVA Project An Interactive Operating System Interface


The AVA project goal is to create an interactive Operating System Interface (OSI) to replace the current, antiquated icon/window environment we are all too familiar with. The technologies are out there and waiting for us to take the next step in computing. The intent is to get us away from the desktop or laptop environment of confinement and complacency. 

This new open source OSI will feature a voice responsive Autonomous Virtual Assistant (AVA) to do the actual computing tasks. The version 'A' female character, affectionately known as Ava, will be the interface between the user and the computer. She will handle everything from simple dictation of documents, personal schedules, information search, home automation to complex computing tasks.

" The computer won't change much... Just how we use it. "

Ava is still very much in the design phase with some conceptual designs and animations. If you would like to help with this project, send me an email and let me know what you want to work on. There are so many facets to this project that one person can't do it alone.

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3D Model Project

High Quality Digital Models and Concept Design Services

Krown Products Ltd. is offering custom digital model creation and animated products.

Recent projects included an animated video of a military airstrike on an enemy stronghold (CNN international).

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3D Digital Art Magazine

Online Monthly Publication for the 3D Hobbyist

It will include Poser and Daz|Studio tutorials, informative articles, product reviews, render contests, stories, artist interviews and an exclusive freebie in every issue.

it will feature artwork from the readers. In the future I want to include intriguing graphical stories, comic strips, animation movie clips and much more. This publication is done in html with a php dynamic platform. Using a web-based solution, there are a lot of options and opportunities available to bring this publication to life. I am putting the finishing touches on the Virtual3d website that will contain the magazine and will include a members gallery and forum. Eventually, I would also like to make the magazine available to mobile media as well.

Project ended because of a lack of reader contribution.

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3D Model Conversion

MeshWorks is now offering Poser/Daz model conversion

Do you have a model you created, but not sure how to get it from the drawing board to a finished product? Well, MeshWorks can help. I can take your object file and turn it into a fully compatible product ready for the 3D market. Whether it is a simple prop or a complex figure, MeshWorks can have your new product ready for a nominal conversion fee. I guarantee your item will be compatible with Poser upto Poser 9 and Daz|Studio upto version 4.1. In addition, the completed product will be compatible with quality control for Renderosity, Daz3D, Content Paradise and Hive-Wire marketplaces.

I have been creating 3D models for over 14 years now and selling successfully since 2008 and I am confident I can create a marketable product for you.

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Personal Projects

Shared Universe Graphic Novels


"A shared universe is a literary technique in which several different authors create works of fiction that share aspects such as settings or characters and that are intended to be read as taking place in a single universe." -Wikipedia

An open ended, shared universe, sci-fi based storyline.

This graphic novel is 'R' rated and contains violence, adult situations, nudity,
sexuality and foul language. NOT intended for children.
Latest Renderings - Contributors Wanted

Oblivion Aftermath
An open ended, shared universe, sci-fi based storyline.


% Complete

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An Oblivion Fan Art Project

This project is currently under construction. What will be included are an interactive Map Viewer, user submitted Graphic Novels, Storyline ideas and collaboration, detailed Background information and exclusive add-ons for the Horizons product line.

This project is dedicated to alternate and continuing the Oblivion storyline. In the Feeds panel on the right, 'Main Map' displays various maps and 'Tet Cam' links to the storyline page and submit form for story ideas or comments.

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