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AVA interface first draft
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Although AVA is not an AI, she will have an adaptive personality that can develop and conform to the person using the system. Eventually AVA should become mostly AI, but we are not there yet.

  My company, Krown Products Ltd., based in Southern Utah, is looking for 'outside the box' thinkers to help with this monunental undertaking. As this project moves forward many people will be needed. So here's a chance to show off your talents.

  The initial interface will be on a large touch screen panel about the size of a standard door and frame. Electronic components are stored in the wall space behind the panel as a self-contained unit. Most homes will only need one of these panel units placed in a centralized location. For more information about the panel specifications and electronics.
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Keyboards and computer screens
are for geeks...
The rest of us need a virtual interface.

If you would like to contribute to this project, send me a message either by Email or use the Contact form.

Here's what is needed:

Graphic Artists-
Everything from clothing textures and UV mapping to backgrounds.

3D Figure Designers-
Mesh male and female figures that can be manipulated through animation, and various clothing and props. Personalities need to include (but not limited to) Sophisticated secretary, Jolly chef, Contemplating manager, Sultry playmate, Nurturing nanny, Brilliant tutor, Renown poet, Vigilant sentry, Wise mentor, Cunning reporter, Supportive coach, and on and on... (This project is going to be so much fun!). Click here to see the current 3D figure list and contributors.

AVA is not static, but a virtual entity that needs to come to life and feel real. Sincere emotional responses, lip sync, postures and gestures.

Open source Linix/Solarius based OS to run in the background. Very few I/O device drivers.

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Program Developers-
Although AVA is not an AI, she needs to have a personality that can develop and conform to the person using the system. Eventually AVA should become fully AI, but we are not there yet. No fancy dialog boxes needed.

Zigby Net Techs-
AVA needs to interact with the users environment including home lighting, audio/video, security, telecommunications and climate controls. Such a system already exists in the form of Control4 (TM) Home Automation products. We need to write scripts that uses this technology to it's fullest extent.


Voice Actors-
Each Ava character will need a custom voice. So many people will be needed to create vocal files for the animations.

Beta Testers-
Someone has to have the inevitable task of testing the product before it goes to market. I wonder if we'll have any volunteers?

Because of the complexity and integration to the users home, we will need smart techs to do the complete installations and service ... nationwide, then even worldwide.
and finally...

Retailers and Users-
Please take a number...

" The computer won't change much... Just how we use it. "

  Eventually, as technology catches up, it would be really cool if AVA became holographic and could interact anywhere within the home.

Ava can also be silent spokesperson for product promotions. A clothing designer, for example, could have Ava show off their most recent fashion line...

Animation Samples

Italian Chef

Asian Chef Michiba
deminstrates how to spiral
slice a fresh tomato.

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