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Krown Products is now offering model conversion

Do you have a model you created, but not sure how to get it from the drawing board to a finished product?

Well, we can help. I can take your object file and turn it into a fully compatible product ready for the 3D market. Whether it is a simple prop or a complex figure, Krown Products can have your new product ready for a nominal conversion fee. I guarantee your item will be compatible with Poser upto Poser 9 and Daz|Studio upto version 4x. In addition, the completed product will be compatible with quality control for Renderosity, Daz3D and Hive-Wire marketplaces.

Not yet convinced? Send us a message, and I will send you the recently released MQ-1a Predator Drone figure. You can then see for yourself the quality of the rigging and file structures. Be sure to mention the type of item you are interested in having converted. I have been creating 3D models for over 12 years now and selling successfully since 2008 and I am confident I can create a marketable product for you.

Price List: (May 10, 2019) price
Basic Prop (no rigging)
Parented Prop (upto 6 components)
Rigged Prop (upto 6 pivots/trans)
--Additional prop components
--Additional prop pivots/translate
$1 ea.
$1 ea.
Basic Figure (upto 6 components)
Advanced Figure (upto 6 pivots/trans)
Complex Figure (as above plus ERC's)
--Additional figure components
--Additional figure pivots/translate
$2 ea.
$2 ea.
Texture packs (upto 6 MAT files)*
--Additional Mat files*
$1 ea.

* You would also need to send me the cr2 file of the figure for creating texture packs, unless you already have the pz2 files.

UV mapping, component creation, textures, readme file and thumbnails to be supplied by you. However, I can offer these services as well for a negotiated price. After I have received the necessary files from you, I will send you the ready to use product in zip format. As a rule of thumb, allow 1 day for each $2 in cost. Of course this can vary slightly up or down depending on the complexity of the product. Available formats that can be converted include; .obj .lwo .3ds .mqo .blend .daz (other formats are also possible, contact me for more information).

Use the contact section to send me a site mail, and I will contact you quickly with instructions for getting the files to me.

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