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You must agree to the sites Terms and Conditions.
Please Note; There is absolutely NO compensation for submitted story components.
This is done to protect components that may be used in renders that are restricted from commercial use.

Story Continuity-

It is important to this series for the storylines to maintain continuity. Keep with the genre of realistic Sci-fi. See the story background for more information. Your character may, and encouraged to, interact with other artists characters in anyway or manner as long as the host character is not killed or molested in a way inconsistent with the characters defined morals. If the host character is to be injured or marked in anyway, you must do these things first;

(1) Have submitted/published at least three story segments in 6 months (ie. Charter member).

(2) Your story contribution must be approved by this sites editor (me) prior to continuing.

(3) Supply a revised texture map to the host characters artist by email.

For example; If Trista is in a tussle with Krystal and Krystal receives a black eye, a revised head texture must be created and sent to Krystal's host artist by email. This modified texture must be used by the character until healed. The characters host may modify this revised texture during the normal healing process. If the wound caused bleeding or burns, a permanent scar will be the final result, as well as a healthy sense of revenge.

Product Usage-

Realistic human/alien/robot characters only. The Girl, Britta, Anime Aiko, Kururu amongst others are not permitted. Most any item can be used with original artist acknowledgments. It's important to keep track of items used in your renders. Acknowledgment link will be listed on the bottom of the page the item appears on and will use this format; item / artist / site. Check for copyrights and/or restrictions typically listed in accompanying readme text files. Just because an item is 'free' doesn't mean there are no restrictions. If restrictions apply, it may be necessary to contact the original artist for permission to use an item. As the editor, I will attempt to contact the original artist (Japanese artists as well). This process can take some time. To avoid possible delays in publishing your graphic article, try to use non-restricted or personally owned/created items as much as possible. In many cases, a simple artist credit or site link is all that will be required.

Explicit Content-

Stories in Reclamation are intended for adults and considered as having an 'R' rating. Even though this storyline has an adult flavor, there are a few restrictions. My website host does not restrict use of sexual images, but there are Federal regulations that MUST be followed. No sexual scenes with characters that appear under 18 years of age and; sex with animals will not be permitted (robots, aliens and tentacles are not real animals). Please limit the use of excessive foul language and sexual scenes not to include close-up renders of intercourse. A 'sexy' suggestive scene will always be more appealing to our readers. Real-world racial slander will not be allowed, however, alien enemy races are fair game.


When submitting your renders, total width must be 750 pixels wide including any border. There is no limit to the length, but your graphic article may be split across several pages and may not be continuous. You are encouraged to use the supplied text balloons, which are Poser props and easy to use. The only acceptable font style is Comic Sans MS which comes standard with all Windows OS. Submissions must be sent to Krown Products and include the original readme text files for any new hair/props used in the renders that has not been used previously in the series. If in doubt, send the readme file. Add your watermark to every 8th panel or so, and again at the end of your story segment. Animated clips and AVI's as part of the graphic article will be available when I figure out how to embed it on the webpage.


You must submit a story contribution at least once every 3 months. Storylines that don't get updated within four months will be considered abandoned unless arrangements are made with the editor. Abandoned storylines become Fair Use property and may be developed by other contributing members.


When you become a contributor, you retain the rights to the renders you create. By submitting a story for this series, you are granting Krown Products Ltd. the unconditional rights to publish the contribution. Krown Products Ltd. also retains the right to use, in full or in part, of contribution for advertising and/or promotion of this site.


Note from the Editor; First, thank you for considering being a contributor. My hope for this project is that eventually (after dealing with any legal issues), that this graphic novel will become a commercial venture. This means contributors will actually get paid for their outstanding work and loyality. The better our stories are, the better chance we have of going commercial. Contributors are part of a community and anything the group can do to help each other, the better off we'll all be.

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